Thursday, March 5, 2009

For MONDAY, March 9th

We are moving into experimental applications of papercraft software and building techniques for the next project. For Monday,

1) Research Pepakure Designer:

If you have a pc, go ahead and download a copy and start exploring the program.

2) Explore Papercraft online, do a google search and start exploring what others have done, from hobbyists to artists.

3) Read the following article on 3D Rapid Prototyping for sculpture (papercraft could be considered the poor man's RP system).

4) Check out the work on these pages:

5) Choose the 3D modeled object you wish to create as a papercraft sculpture. This can be either one or more of the objects you designed for the last two projects or a new object you appropriate or a new object you wish to make.

Arrive in class prepared to discuss the above. We will begin looking at how to develop your papercraft sculptures.

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  1. I did mine in the dimensions of 10 x 17. That is correct right?