Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Imaging for Mixed Media Print

I encourage you to explore online, particularly looking at double and triple exposure photography and mixed media printing. Have fun!

Assignment #6: Imaging for Mixed Media Print

Objective: This is a multi-layered project with several steps towards final realization. This project will combine techniques learned and utilized to date in this class. You are to create a large format work that involves printing and reprinting multiple layers of visual information upon a single piece of paper. You are to create at least three distinct images that will then be combined through multiple printing to create a final image surface. You are then invited to further work upon the image using hand glued montage techniques, image transfer processes and/or drawing or painting techniques.

Examples: Work on three images. Two are to be digital photographs/photoshop compositions, one is to be a new image in 3D modeling (either build something or appropriate an object from the library). These three images will be combined using multiple prints upon the same piece of paper. The result will be a richly layer composition with unforeseen results – try your best to balance between strict placement of your imaging elements and allowing things to happen. Play with image orientation – try something upside down. Upon the surface of your three-layered print, you are then encouraged to experiment with additional materials, consider using image transfer techniques, drawing, physical montage. In other words your combined three printed image is to act as a foundation for further visual play. Explore and have fun!

You are welcome to work with the printer paper we have on hand or use other papers that will work with our large format papers.

Size minimum should be roughly 20x30”, feel free to work larger.

Monday - March 30th – Assign Project
Wednesday – April 1st – Lab Day/Work On Projects
Monday – April 6th – Lab Day/Work on Projects (BRING IDEAS FOR IMAGE TRANSFER)
Wednesday – April 8th – Lab Day/Work on Projects
Monday - April 11th -Project Due, Critique

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